Care of upholstery leather


In so far as possible, we recommend that you do not place leather furniture in direct sunlight or close to heat sources such as radiators or wood-burning stoves.

Semi Aniline leathers.

Regularly vacuum your leather furniture with a soft brush, and avoid using detergents and sharp implements.

Use a wrung cloth for daily maintenance.

Elegance and Vegetal leather

These are gently treated natural leathers of the highest quality. To remove dust and avoid drying-out, the leather should be washed in soap water one to two times a year or as necessary. We recommend a solution of 1/4 dl. white soap flakes for 5 liters of lukewarm water. Use a soft sponge or a cloth. Make sure you distribute the soapy dissolution evenly covering all surfaces and make sure the leather is not soaked. All superfluous soap water should be dried off with a dry cloth.