Model 36 Black Webbing

Mi36 Black
  • height 87 cm
  • width 52.5 cm
  • depth 167 cm
  • seat height 32 cm

lead time 6-8 weeks


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Design 1933-1936.

Model 36 was the first chair designed by Bruno Mathsson purely for relaxation. that it is still in production today is testamant to the far sighted understanding of the mechanics of sitting of the designer.

In 1936 at the Röhsska Museum Bruno Mathsson exhibited the results of his experiments into developing three basic chair types using laminated beech frames to support woven hemp webbing – Work Chair, Easy Chair and Lounge Chair Model 36.

Model 36 with an extension to support the legs was the first Mathsson design intended purely for resting and was advertised as early as 1937 covered in white, beige or brown sheepskin. It was priced at 155 Kroner with the necessary pillow an option at 22 Kroner. ref: page 23 Dag Widman Bruno Mathsson Yale University Press. …read more >>


  • Replacement Webbing
    for Bruno Mathsson Chairs - £252.00