• pp-mobler-logo

    PP Møbler aps is Denmark’s most respected joinery and cabinet makers and is one of the worlds most important and highly skilled workshops. PP Møbler produces premium quality furniture working with some of Denmark’s best know designers particularly Hans J. Wegner who had a long term association with the Company. It was in the PP Møbler workshop that Wegner developed many of his most successful chairs. Hans J. Wegner entrusted PP Møbler with his best known but difficult designs to produce.

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  • Getama-logo

    Getama A/S is the oldest producer to work with Danish designer Hans J. Wegner a collaboration that was to be sustained for over fifty years during which time Wegner designed over 120 different models for the Company. Getama was the largest of all the Wegner producers under the Salesco Company set up in the 1950’s to export Wegner designs Worldwide. The Getama logo is your guarantee that each individual piece of furniture is produced under exacting quality control using only the best materials according to Wegner’s original design.

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  • jl-mollers-logo
    J. L. Møllers Møbelfabrik A/S was founded by Neils Otto Møller in 1944 to produce his own unique chair designs with their distinctive tenon construction. The underlying strength of the Møllers brand is its tradition of craftsmanship. As far as possible no modern technology or assembly is used if it cannot produce a better or more satisfactory result then tried and tested craft methods. All Møllers furniture is produced using the highest quality materials in the Company’s own workshops located in Aahus, Denmark’s second city.

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  • bruno-mathsson-logo

    Bruno Mathsson International AB only produces the designs of the Swedish designer Bruno Mathsson. Bruno Mathsson pioneered his unique blend of modernism combined with ergonomics to his furniture designs many of which are still produced by the Company eighty years after they were first exhibited in 1936. Mathsson is best known for his sulptural furniture using laminated beech or birch but in his later years designed furniture with steel frames suitable for use in offices, meeting rooms and other commercial environments.

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