Replacement Webbing

for Bruno Mathsson Chairs
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replacement webbing can be ordered for the following models.

  • Eva Low  –  requires 18 linear metres
  • Eva High  –  requires 24 linear metres
  • Eva Sofa  –  requires 54 linear metres
  • Mina  –  requires 18 linear   metres
  • Miranda  –  requires 27 linear metres
  • Mifot  –  requires 16 linear   metres
  • Pernilla II  –  requires 27 linear metres
  • Pernilla III  –  requires 48 linear metres
  • Model 36  –  requires 38 linear metres

lead time 3 weeks



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Replacement Webbing for Bruno Mathsson Chairs can be Ordered in the following colour

  • Light Natural
  • Dark Natural
  • Black*

Linen webbing is resistant to tearing either when wet or dry and to the breakdown effects of light. The high gloss surface of the long fibres protects from soiling, does not fluff and is relatively fire resistant.

Flax grown and dressed using age old traditional methods is a perfect example of an environmentally friendly material.

*Black webbing is 100% polyester fibre in order to maintain a homogeneous colour throughout that does not fade over time. …read more >>