Care of soaped furniture


Soap is a typical Danish finish applied to beech oak or ash which maintains the natural colour of the timber. With a little care it will look better and better over time, it was Hans J. Wegner’s favourite surface treatment and one of the easiest to maintain.

Soap has several advantages over alternative finishes.

It is a natural product feeding lanolin into the surface preventing

the wood from drying out.

It is an alkaline forming a protective barrier on the surface of the

timber that repels fatty acids such as perspiration or food stains.

It maintains the natural wood colour with it’s gentle bleaching

effect over time.

To maintain your furniture, occasional cleaning using a cloth wrung out in a solution of 1/4 dl white soapflakes in 1 litre of clean lukewarm water is recommended. The chair should be cleaned at least once a year. In hard water areas use boiling water and allow to cool.

For heavily soiled chairs a nylon scouring pad can be used, cleaning along the direction of the wood grain. The Chair should not be soaked with the solution. Wipe away surplus residue with a dry cloth and leave to dry at room temperature. You can apply as much pressure as possible to remove individual marks, this will not spoil the surface of your new furniture.

Never use metal based materials such as wire wool.

All timber will darken a little over time, this is normal although it is always possible to restore a fresh look by cleaning as described.

Factory Finish

Prior to the final light sanding of the furniture in the workshop, a soap finish was applied to all surfaces. A light dusty residue may remain on the surface that can transfer onto your clothing on first use that can be brushed away.