Mina Chair

  • height 81 cm
  • width 59 cm
  • depth 68.5 cm
  • seat height 43 cm

lead time 6 – 8 weeks


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Bruno Mathsson had introduced his three basic chair models, easy, working and lounge chair Model 36,  in the late 1930’s but had not finalised his thoughts on aesthetics and construction details on all three variants to his satisfaction. It was to take almost ten years for Mathsson to resolve matters.

As early as 1942 designed a variation of the easy chair called Model, 42 in which he combined the seat, back and front legs to form a single curved frame of laminated wood. The idea was dropped as the glue was not strong enough to hold the structure.

In 1978, with stronger glues available, Mathsson developed his original idea to both the easy chair, which was named Miranda and the work chair named Mina. Both Mina and Miranda have a softer leading edge to the front of the seat to aid blood circulation. …read more >>


  • Replacement Webbing
    for Bruno Mathsson Chairs - £252.00