Minimal Chair Black Version

PP701 Black
  • height 70 cm
  • width 63 cm
  • depth 46 cm
  • seat height 45 cm
  • arm height 67 cm

lead time 8 – 12 weeks


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Hans J Wegner photograph


The Black Edition of Hans J. WEgner’s Minimal Chair (PP701) is finished in black lacquer on beech and upholstered in Elmosoft leather. The chair can be placed well under the dining table when not in use, thus saving floor space. Thanks to the shape of the backrest, one can sit all the way back in the seat and draw up close to the edge of the table.

The black top rail and upholstery are complimented by the stainless steel frame and thus can be considered related to the Swivel Chair (PP502). As to the shape of the backrest, here, too, there is a clear similarity with the so-called ‘livestock chairs’, that is, the Cow Horn Chair (PP505), the Bull Chair (PP518) and the Buffalo Chair from 1957.

RefHans J. Wegner. A Nordic Design Icon from Tønder. Edited by Anne Blond. …read more >>


  • Circular table
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